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UFOs? Strange lights appear in the skies of the United States and Spain

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES – Recently, a series of photos of internet users who captured strange lights in the skies of the United States and Spain went viral. As a result, speculation about the possible UFO sighting began to gain strength to the astonishment of social media. The lights formed a line in the night sky and continue to cause a commotion. In this sense, the lights have been observed in California, Arizona and Las Vegas in the United States. Meanwhile, Madrid, Spain also witnessed this strange event. This is how on social networks like Twitter, Internet users recorded the moment when the lights in the sky made a mysterious alignment. Of course, this came to the eyes of the authorities specializing in the matter. The Seattle-based National Weather Service explained that the phenomenon that occurred on the night of May 5, 2021 is directly related to the launch of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite. The same day, the company launched about sixty satellites from Florida and this is said to be the cause of the mysterious lights that Internet users have shared on their profiles. Tell me I’m not the only one who saw a hundred stars moving in a straight line (no engine noise or whatever) ??— emma (@emmappgg) May 6, 2021 It’s important to remember that Starlink is a company born in 2015 and is a division of SpaceX and is in charge of developing an interconnected network of satellites. The goal is to be able to set up a broadband Internet system, which is believed to be the most advanced in the world. It is therefore the company of Elon Musk that would be at the origin of this phenomenon. Starlink has put about 500 satellites into orbit. In 2018, it made 25 launches after SpaceX got the “green light”. In addition, Musk himself assured that his intention was to be able to have up to 12 thousand satellites before the end of the decade. On the other hand, the famous company is seeking that this year it can have full coverage in all populated areas of the Earth.