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Understand why Bills will never be able to destroy Whis’ em Dragon Ball Super

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Bills and Whis were definitely the best main characters in Dragon Ball. Not only do they serve as a point of comparison with other people due to their high power, but their relatively neutral stance with respect to history allows them to be seen as more than just vile or mocinhos. That dynamic between the two of you is that its characteristics are more defined, like, for example, the fact that Bills cannot destroy Whis. Because Bills can destroy Whis in Dragon Ball Super the whole universe theme Deus da Destruição, whose function is to destroy planets whose life forms are not beneficial to the rest of the universe. Isso, porém, does not mean that they only destroy evil creatures. Despite being incredibly powerful in ki thermos and being literally outdated, a major “strength” of a Deus da Destruição is its special technique, or Hakai. Literally “destruição” in Japanese, or Hakai is the ability of two Hakaishins to extinguish things in full existence. The pessoa killed by this technique do not go to another world or another type of heaven or hell, they simply cease to exist. This technique works with objects and binds intangible characters, like souls … And theoretically there is no limit of power. The Os Anjos are celestial creatures who function as assistants, treinadores (and control) two Goddesses of Destruição. Assim like you Hakaishin, each Universe has Anjo. No Universe 7 of the Dragon Ball Multiverse, where the story of Goku e Cia, Bills é or Deus da Destruição e Whis é o Anjo takes place. Despite two two terem a friendly and respectful relationship (it’s very competitive), a possible fight between you two would lead in a very proven way to the defeat of Deus da Destruição. Isso because you Anjos are usually the most powerful creatures in their respective universes and the most powerful technique of Beerus, or Hakai, he has one small condition: it doesn’t work in any way. And like Anjos são imortais by definition, it also means that the Hakaishin do Universo 7 has no other option to lead his life or next to Whis enquanto for um Deus da Destruição. Also trust Dragon Ball Super is on hiatus at any time. Or the anime closed in March 2018 at the end of the Power Tournament. It should be noted, meanwhile, that the manga continues to be published each month with new adventures. In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta are faced with a new challenge: Granolah, or survivor. This sofreu character has two Saiyans under the command of Freeza no passado, and now he is looking for vingança. You can accompany the Dragon Ball Super anime in its entirety, not Crunchyroll, not its original language with Portuguese captions. Access the site through this link and then I won 14 days of free nova conta bonus.