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Understanding how the end of Dragon Ball Z connects to the events of Dragon Ball Super

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Embora Dragon Ball has marked many gerações and remains one of the two most popular anime in the world, some can be confusing compared to the timeline of the story, mainly to connect or end Dragon Ball Z with the Dragon Ball Super events . Or the reason is that the end of Dragon Ball Z occurs after a 10 year jump, when Goku returns to Terra and finds Uub, a reincarnation of Kid Buu sem or his evil side. If you’re not lembrado, this was Goku’s last request, wishing that someday he would be reborn as a person so that they could fight again. Also, during the 28th Martial Arts Tournament, Goku fought precisely against Uub, I first had to provoke a little or a garoto to show him his true power. But after this brief fight, Goku raises Uub as his apprentice, promising that he will go into his thirties so that he eventually becomes Terra’s next protector. This is the real end of the Dragon Ball story that was planned by Akira Toriyama, while the events of Dragon Ball Super did not happen after the end, but were simulated during a 10 year jump that was not shown in the original anime. Ou seja, or that we accompany in Dragon Ball Super is a real complement to the last section of Dragon Ball Z. Além disso, for more that Goku will still know Uub, the story of Dragon Ball Super já começou a trazer um little more to note for the garoto, especially not the Moro arc, where he has a crucial participation. By requesting that you can attend all released episodes of the Dragon Ball Super anime via Crunchyroll. Also check out other Dragon Ball news: