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Uruguay is the second country in the world with the highest number of daily deaths from covid-19 during the average of the last seven days

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Uruguay became on April 27 the second country with the highest number of daily deaths from covid-19 on average over the last seven days per one million inhabitants. That day, it passed Bosnia and Herzegovina which, for a few days, has shown a downward trend in this indicator of the pandemic. Uruguay has an average of 16.57 deaths per day per million population, a figure that is exceeded only by Hungary with 20.07 deaths from covid-19. Behind Uruguay is Bulgaria with 15.42 deaths, followed by North Macedonia and Bosnia, according to data processed by Our World in Data. Hungary has been at the top of the world rankings for several weeks. Uruguay was placed in third place on April 15 and until the 27 it retained that position in the world. However, with the fall of Bosnia, the country fell to second place. April was the month when the epidemic showed its worst face in Uruguay and with data until Thursday, the death toll in just the fourth month of the year stood at 1,589. In Latin America, since April 14, it remains the one that reports the most deaths per day per million inhabitants and far from the rest of the countries. In any case, in the accumulation of the pandemic, the country always remains the one with the best figures. In some cases, Uruguay remains in second place in the world rankings only behind Cyprus. However, this data can be misleading due to the subtest that may exist in other countries and the cases that go undetected. Uruguay and Hungary vaccines share another ranking which brings more encouraging news. Both countries are among the fastest to vaccinate their populations. With data from this Thursday, they are ranked third and second respectively with more than one dose per 100 people. Mongolia is the leading country with more than two daily doses per 100 people, according to data from Our World in Data. This classification does not take into account countries with less than one million inhabitants.