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Venezuela awaiting beatification of José Gregorio Hernández

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Image by José Gregorio Hernández. Photo: @ArquiCaracas Venezuela finalized this Thursday the details of the beatification of José Gregorio Hernández, the doctor of the poor. Less than 24 hours before the ceremony, the last rehearsal took place and the image of a mosaic of the Blessed was released. The Archdiocese of Caracas said on Twitter that the more than 120 musicians who will host the ceremony participated in the final rehearsal on April 29. Among the tasks of the day before, the technical and communication team was deployed for the transmission of the Eucharist in the La Salle school church in Caracas. Only around 150 people will be able to make it there due to restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic. By means of communication With this panorama, citizens will be able to know live the details of the beatification only through the television signals and social networks of the Church in Venezuela, which has already announced special broadcasts on the act. Keeping a promise The Archdiocese of Caracas unveiled this Thursday the image of a mosaic by José Gregorio Hernández, plastic artist Luis Enrique Mogollón. The works will rest in the Sanctuary of Isnotú, in the State of Trujillo, where the blessed Venezuelan was born in 1864. Mogollón said that the realization of the José Gregorio Hernández mosaic is a dream that allows him to keep “a promise” . He claimed that the doctor of the poor saved the lives of his brother and daughter. “It has wonderful details,” the artist said of his work. “It has parts that are a millimeter thick that must be placed with tweezers to achieve precision, especially in the eye area,” he added. Decorate in his image For his part, Cardinal Baltazar Porras asked Venezuelans to decorate the entrances and windows of their houses with the image of José Gregorio, whom they already venerate as a saint in the country. “Let us decorate the entrances of our houses with the image of José Gregorio, with the flag of Venezuela, of the Vatican”; Porras asked in a video released by the Archdiocese. According to the priest, these demonstrations will join so many others which are already taking place in the country; At the same time, he said he expected prayer vigils to take place between the night of this Thursday and the early hours of Friday. José Gregorio Hernández closer to being a saint Born October 26, 1864 in Isnotú, Trujillo, José Gregorio Hernández has won the halo of holiness both in Venezuela and in neighboring countries for his work in favor of the most disadvantaged; and their demands to demand more attention from governments on the interior regions of Venezuela. This is why he is already considered a saint, a rank higher than that of blessed within the Catholic Church, among the most humble of Venezuela and a good part of Andean America, where many miracles him. are allotted and where the parishioners have requested his intervention for years to heal all kinds of health problems. The cause of canonization continues The Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference has emphasized that after the beatification ceremony, José Gregorio Hernández will be closer to the recognition of his holiness, so that the cause of his canonization continues and that in order to obtain his approval, at least one more miracle is needed. In this sense, Tulio Ramírez, bishop of Guarenas and vice-postulator of the cause of beatification and canonization of Dr. Hernández, asked Venezuelans who claim to have received a miracle from José Gregorio three days ago to compile documents, reviews and testimonials and send to this commission.