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Viral meteor hits Indonesia’s most active volcano

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES – Recently one of the most amazing phenomena of recent times has been captured. A meteorite fell on the Merapi volcano in Indonesia and social media went crazy. This geological structure is considered the most active in the archipelago. Because of this, the internet has made it go viral and it’s no wonder, it’s really amazing. In this sense, it was reported that the video was captured on May 27, 2021. It clearly shows a bright flash in the security cameras. Thus, we can see how it crosses the atmosphere of the planet and is reflected very close to the summit of the volcano. But, while the video is not of good quality, there is also a photographic recording of the madness. Gunarto Song, a local photographer, has taken on the task of photographing the volcano in recent months. And apparently the structure located on the island of Java kept him a surprise. Well, being in the area, he had the opportunity to take some pictures and then share them on his Instagram account. Undeniably, these images have gone viral and have been around the world. Meteor yang terlihat (pada detik ke 21) dari CCTV Megadata, di Merapi yang berlokasi di Kalitengah Kidul. mau coba cek cctv gunung agung sapa tau dapat play?— VolcanoYT (@VolcanoYTz) May 28, 2021 “Suddenly there was a ray of light shining as if it was falling from above on top of the Merapi volcano. It was super bright and fast. This is an authentic photograph. I took a four-second exposure, ”Song told various local media. In addition, the photos were taken at night in the city of Batu Alien, which makes them more clear. Without a doubt, nature offers us great moments, but the incredible work of Gunarto Song gives us the opportunity to enjoy them and keep them in our memory so that we can see them again. On the other hand, the Merapi volcano recorded its last eruption in 2010 causing 347 human deaths. In January 2021, he spat ash and a river of lava down a hill.