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We have grown little but the economy has not failed: AMLO

  • by Alba luz Leal
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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that in Mexico “if we have made little progress during this quarter, it is because the pandemic has affected us in the months of January, February and March, which have to do with this measure, even if the economy has not collapsed. “. And he said that “there is stability, confidence, there are unbeatable conditions for investment and for jobs to continue to be created”. He recalled that the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) announced that we still have little growth, “but the forecast for this year is 5 to 6%, that is what is expected, by the financial groups, and that this is also our projection. ”Inegi placed growth in the first quarter of the year at just 0.4%, after two consecutive quarters with high figures -12.4 and 3.3- which were explained by the reopening of the economy. Now, the reason for the economic slowdown is the same, the confinement that several states experienced at the start of the year, including the CDMX, the State of Mexico and Nuevo León, in due to the red light of the pandemic, added to the gas supply crisis due to the low temperatures in Texas that hit the Mexican industry in February, forcing it to shut down for several days. says in these terms: “We did not grow much this quarter because the pandemic affected us, but despite this, the economy e has not collapsed and, above all, macroeconomic balances have been maintained, the prisoner has not depreciated. There are balances because inflation continues to create jobs, we have already spent about 4 months without losing jobs ”. Moreover, he predicted that by the middle of the year “we will be in the economic situation we were in before the pandemic”. The president reiterated that the growth expected this year for his government and its financial groups is between 5% and 6% since he assured that in the country there is stability, confidence, unbeatable conditions for investment and for jobs continue to exist. created. At the morning lecture at the National Palace, he asserted that in the middle of this year, “we will be in the economic situation we were in before the pandemic”, as he stressed that the most important thing is that they macroeconomic balances have been maintained, there has been no depreciation in weight and there are balances in terms of inflation and job creation continues. After qualifying as good news the change of generation within the BAL group, which includes the companies Profuturo, GNP, Palacio de Hierro, Peñoles, Fresnillo, PetroBAL and ElectroBAL, led by businessman Alberto Bailléres, and which has been replaced by his son Alejandro Bailléres, in all the boards of directors of companies that employ 75 thousand workers and administrative employees, President López Obrador reported that “we have been almost four months this year, without losing jobs, even with the pandemic we have got jobs back in january, february, march and so far in april we are getting jobs back, so we are doing well ”. He added that the change in the BAL group companies was unanimously approved in all cases, and “it is very good for the country because it means stability, confidence and more investments to have more jobs and continue to grow ”. Yesterday AMLO said the economy was on the rise because the jobs lost by the pandemic were already recovering, despite the formal job generation showing anemic numbers in the first few months of the year. You may also like: