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We will recover Zacatecas from corruption

  • by Alba luz Leal
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David Monreal Ávila, candidate of the coalition Together, we will make history for the post of governor of Zacatecas, assured this Thursday that he aspires to a new company, to recover the heritage and to reorganize the entity, taking into account this he said over the past 11 years of destruction. , corruption, impunity and mismanagement that affect citizens. During his morning visit, the candidate showed the result of what he called the shame and irresponsibility of the last two public administrations. For this reason, he sent a message to the Zacatecans, in front of the abandoned building of the Toma Cultural Center of Zacatecas located in the Centennial Ecopark and which was presented as the most important work of the 2010-2016 semester with a cost of nearly 500 million pesos. “It’s a shame, it’s irresponsible; We must recover the heritage and make it useful, ”said Monreal Ávila, while confirming his commitment to review and see what can be saved and used, because“ you cannot continue like this ”. Therefore, he stressed that he will do “a whole project that considers the inventory of state heritage, which results in greater order in society, in the city, in parks, green spaces, because suddenly in a park a corral appears, like the Arroyo parc de la Plata which has nothing left ”. In this sense, he clarified that in Zacatecas there was a lot of corruption and a lot of impunity, “because they do things and nothing is done; it was a lost decade ”. “It took them eleven years to destroy this structure, exacerbate social problems, exacerbate insecurity, like yesterday when we woke up to the news that we are the first place in insecurity,” he said. . Faced with this situation, David Monreal Ávila declared that his administration will bring order and that what can be done well will be done, therefore he stressed that “now with what quality those of the PRIAN want to ask society and continue to deceive the people, when they should be humble and say that we are failing ”. DMZ