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What did Chiss Angel do with the tattoo that was done in honor of Belinda?

  • by Alba luz Leal

Now that Belinda and Christian Nodal’s upcoming wedding is in fashion, the Mexican singer’s old loves have started to resurface and one of the most controversial she’s had was with illusionist Criss Angel. Recall that once Criss Angel cried out his love for Belinda, they both had a relationship between 2016 and 2017, besides being the fashionable couple, the illusionist really adored the singer. Criss Angel showed his love for Belinda with a tattoo To show his unconditional love, Criss Angel decided to tattoo the caption “Beli” on his chest, this, to show the love he felt for the judge of La Voz, but things didn’t turn out as I hoped and finally fell apart for dessert. By the way, Christian Nodal also has a tattoo similar to Criss Angel, this, to show Belinda that the marriage proposal was serious. How long did the romance between Belinda and Criss Angel last? The love did not last long between Belinda and Criss Angel, after 7 months of intense love, the escape wrote a passage where he made it clear that he had severed the relationship with the singer. “Love has a price, honesty must always be there. This lesson cost me millions which enriched a master of deception, ”said the post on social networks. When he was in the relationship with Belinda, Criss Angel had been very careful to reveal the tattoo he got from the singer, a manuscript of her name and with the breakup he had to do something with this art. What did Chris Angel do with the tattoo that was done in honor of Belinda? It took a while for Criss Angel to decide what to do with the tattoo, as he covered it with adhesive so that it wouldn’t show the line he had. In May of this year, Criss Angel finally revealed the new tattoo that was done where Belinda was worn and the result shocked her fans. The illusionist and the magician showed the change that was made in the skin, where instead of “Beli” we now see the word “God”. Recall that after the break with Belinda, Criss Angel returned with the mother of his two children, Shaunyl Benson, whom he would have left for the Mexican.