Who is Jessica andrade reddit? photos and videos leaked onlyf

Jessica Andrade (Paraná, Brazil, 1991) is not a typical fighter. The former Brazilian UFC champion has come a long way to become the most important mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter on the planet. Once she is installed in the company, the following is another matter. But let’s proceed in parts.

When she was a child, soccer was her true hobby. So much so that she even she received an invitation from São Paulo to be part of her prey, but her mother would not let her leave, in case she was kidnapped. In that moment, she Jessica discovered what fascinated her: martial arts. Although she kept hearing the phrase «fights are not suitable for girls», the hostile environment in which she grew up prompted her to play contact sports.

Crime and drugs are daily routines on the street where she grew up, so knowing how to protect yourself is very important to her … For her brother, when a drug addict tried to steal, she had to protect him and her.

She went from judo to jujitsu, and from there to «stronger emotions.» She is not a technical prodigy, but she has the courage and brute strength to fight more experienced fighters. She was caught by a crowbar in a Jiu-Jitsu competition for the first time. She got rid of her opponent in a very unorthodox way, but she earned her nickname «Bat Stake». Instead of trying to get out of the lock, she lifted the opponent from her with her trapped arms and threw him to the ground. Prosperity! No one explained to her that this is not allowed in this sport … but she has clearly stated what spaghetti is made of.

It was only a matter of time before she switched to mixed martial arts, and she soon entered a gym that accepted women (remember, «fights are not for girls»). She is a physical miracle, unmatched among her training partners and unmatched among her weight partners.

The news spread throughout the city all of a sudden, and someone asked her teacher to attack her on a night of mixed martial arts. «I don’t know what it is. I asked my coach and he said that this is a combination of all martial arts. I can punch and kick and knock opponents down on the ground,» wrote Jessica Andrade in «Recalled in an article in the Players Tribune «My eyes are getting bigger.»

In 2011, Jessica, 20, combined her training with her job as a delivery person in a supermarket. Every time she told them that she was going to participate in a mixed martial arts competition, her classmates looked at her like she was crazy. «They told me if my brain was sick.

They were going to kill me, «she recalled. She played the Parana Jiu-Jitsu champion and the Muay Thai world champion for the first time.» I don’t know how many things are left. «But instead of becoming a victim, he became an executioner. He used his fist. He defeated his opponent and left the cage amidst public cheers. After ten games, the UFC made him a offer with a 9-2 record. «Back in 2013, my coach had me and other people cut off contact and posted the news that the UFC loves me. Her face was distorted, as if someone had died. «

Jessica Andrade came to the UFC as a country girl from Paraná. She has all the wishes and awesome hallucinations in the world, but she is not at all prepared for the defeat of her by fist and elbow KO for her debut in the elite. «She tore Me apart,» admitted ‘Stake Bat’. «I’m thinking about the training I have received for this. I thought I would go back to the first square of the board, and go back to ‘Jessica at the supermarket.’ Brazilians are used to fighting in front of 500 people and fighting between promoters who don’t have much multimedia coverage. This is all great. Very big.

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