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Why My Hero Academia temporada 5 is “boring”

  • by Alba luz Leal
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“My Hero Academia” became one of the benchmark anime and manga years ago, a status it certainly maintains in the middle of 2021. The fifth temporada of the anime is not for nothing, and in more, we’ll see how this summer goes. is releasing the third film in the franchise. However, in any long-term production there are always ups and downs, and it’s somewhat obvious that temporada five is in a stumbling block. Here are two main reasons why this temporada of “My Hero Academia” causes constant doses of action not to translate into clear emotion. Excessive Use of Secondary Characters Since the start of the fifth temporada of the “My Hero Academia” anime, we have seen that the story is based on a constant exchange between the two main classes of the UA Academy. While this serves to come into contact with characters whose powers are not seen as frequently as those of the typical Deku, Todoroki and Bakugo, it is also true that an excessive onscreen presence of these can generate a some disinterest in what is going on. Some secondary characters slow down the progression of the core The truth is that the Class A vs. B scenario could serve as something minimally temporary to express some contrast, but the reality is that there is a core of characters that viewers want to see. above the rest. The current pattern for the fifth temporada has meant that, eight chapters later, we have had virtually no action from Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka, and other faces the viewer is much more familiar with. Once again, giving presence to supporting characters clearly helps enrich the universe of “My Hero Academia”, demonstrating that there is something beyond what we immediately see. But, at the same time, it can make the show lose its rhythm, since the viewer knows exactly what he is going to find and also that he will belong mainly to a series of characters who in the future will hardly have any more. of relevance. The Story, Completely Blocked The fifth temporada of “My Hero Academia” began with a rather interesting premise: Deku wakes up at midnight after dreaming about the previous bearers of One For All, and suddenly realizes his own One For All is that you have activated on yours. This, of course, leads him to a conversation with All Might, who is surprised at a situation he has never seen himself in. A scenario with the One For All that the almighty All Might did not even go through? Few things could be more appealing to Deku, however … there is no sign of it. Logically, in any story, a rhythm is needed that builds everything we’re going to see on screen, and throwing “epic” things after “epic” things will only lose the value of the discoveries. However, in the same way you have to find a balance that is currently not palpable in “My Hero Academia”, because as I mentioned, the clashes without more follow one another. In fact, everything indicates that we have at least a few more weeks left. My Hero Academia temporada 5 kicked off with an interesting mystery … which was completely put aside The One For All is a great mystery, which has been cultivated for generations and of course we are not going to see all of its secrets unveiled in a few episodes. There good, but it should also make sense to be a little frustrated if we start the fifth temporada with a very promising advance for Deku’s power, only to then find ourselves drowned in already two months of simple “highlights”. While it is true that it has been used to see certain characters like Lida progress according to their respective powers, it is nonetheless true that the fact of presenting all this in “exhibition” fights causes problems to be missed. opportunities to make them shine in the story components with a little more weight. Conclusions The fifth temporada of “My Hero Academia” suffers from a strange evil in shonen: exceedingly insignificant action. Oddly enough, at this point the focus would be more on the story that was presented to us as brushstrokes in the opening bars of the temporada. Sadly, it seems clear that we’ll have to see a few more mostly empty games yet until the Wheel of Events spins steadily again.