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Witcher’s new board game is a hit on Kickstarter

  • by Alba luz Leal

The Witcher: Old World is a huge hit on Kickstarter and far exceeds the goals of CD Projekt Red. It is undeniable that today the lore of The Witcher license is rich and enormous. Followers of the sorcerer can enjoy his adventures in books, comics, series, video games and board games. And, it’s in that latter area, that’s where we put the focus with its latest iteration: The Witcher: Old World. We are faced with a new fascinating board game that offers us exciting adventures in the world of the work created by Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher: Old World is endorsed by CD Projekt Red and board game company Go On Board. He made his Kickstarter debut on May 25 and has raised more than 3 million euros today, far exceeding his initial targets, and remaining until June 11 as the deadline to participate in his Kickstarter. Meanwhile, with the contribution made, he has unlocked some cool new perks that will be added to the final product, such as new adventure maps or awesome minis like Eredin. Standard or Deluxe Editions The launch of The Witcher: Old World is scheduled for April 2022. There will be two versions, one standard at 70 euros and the other Deluxe at 125 euros, the latter not being, in principle, available. only if purchased during the Kickstarter period. The Deluxe Edition will include a series of interesting extras, exclusive character minis and different monster minis, which in their standard version will be in cardboard exagons. Both editions will contain the expansion for cooperative play or single player play. Players will become wizards who hunt beasts and monsters. They will choose from the five available formation houses and go on for contracts and other adventures on a map loaded with surprises. Up to 5 players can compete against each other but it also looks like the option to embark on an individual adventure will be available, although this last point has not yet been confirmed. As can be seen in the collected footage of the game on its Kickstarter, the art surrounding the game is the same as that which can be seen in Gwent’s maps. Currently, the game will feature 72 exploration cards, 84 adventure cards and 30 dealing with the Wild Hunt spectrum. The crowdfunding campaign for The Witcher: Old World board game on Kickstarter has just started! Anyone who supports him in the first 24 hours will receive an exclusive Mounted Eredin figure for free! Check out campaign details 👉— The Witcher (@witchergame) May 25, 2021 You might be interested in reading: The Witcher 3 will also be in the next generation ! If you want to have a first contact to get impressions, the guys from Analysis-Paralysis have already shown a first glimpse of the game on their Twich channel. You can also go to their YouTube channel where they uploaded the live to see firsthand what This Witcher: Old World looks like, and this Friday night they will be playing a game live on their Twich channel. Don’t forget to follow us on our social networks and on with all the Xbox news. Remember, we’re on our Twitch channel Saturdays at 11:00 p.m. with the weekly video game news review. You can also check out our weekly video game streaming schedule here.