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You can now download the app from the official Dragon Ball website, which is activated this week.

  • by Alba luz Leal

Dragon Ball” remains one of the entertainment industry’s biggest phenomena more than three decades after it premiered, and the truth is, the franchise continues to receive support in a thousand and one different ways. In fact, one of the big novelties of this 2021 we are announcing it as the new official website of the brand, which we now know will have a smartphone application already available. Dragon Ball is getting closer to smartphones through its official Goky application and the company will soon return to the charge of the hand of the new official site. In this way, those who are interested in bringing the world of “Dragon Ball” to their mobile phone can do so either by downloading the application from Android, or on the contrary you will also find it on iOS. Since the new website is still under maintenance at the moment, we can’t explore anything that the smartphone app will offer eventually, but it’s definitely a way to bring ‘Dragon Ball’ closer to the world like us. have never seen it before. We will point out, on the other hand, that with the exception of last minute changes, it is expected that the new “Dragon Ball” website will be activated during May 9, 2021, which will be no more and no less than when ‘Goku Day’ takes place. celebrated (via DBS Hype). In case of doubt, it will be remembered that Spanish will be one of the languages ​​among which the new official site will be adapted, in addition to Japanese, English, French and German, therefore, once again , it will be very accessible. Finally, we will share below what was the statement by which the renewal process for the “Dragon Ball” referral site was officially announced: “We are pleased to announce that the official Dragon Ball site, your referral site for everything related to Dragon Ball, will be reopened as a new website which will support not only Japanese but also a total of five different languages. The new website will provide all the latest product and game information , in addition to a variety of articles and videos that Dragon Ball fans around the world can enjoy. ”