You can now download the PES 2022 online demo

Konami has launched an online beta of the new PES 2022 with a new graphics engine. You already have it available for download, we’ll tell you how. After a gap year with the temporada update for eFootball PES 2021, Konami has launched an online multiplayer beta of what will be the next PES 2022. One of the reasons we didn’t have our own edition of its previous opus, was the change of graphics engine. The new installment of the legendary sports saga will change the already compressed Fox Engine for Unreal Engine 4. In order to download this first beta of PES 2022, you must go to the Microsoft Store and search by its real name: New Football Game Online Performance Test. Both the graphics section and the control and balance of this new one are still in development, they warn us from Konami. The real reason for this beta is to do matchmaking and server testing. From the Xbox community, we have already been able to play several games from the beta of PES 2022 and here are our opinions on them. We have four teams available to play: FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich. The game’s menu system, both in team selection and strategy customization, has been completely redesigned. At the playable level, we can confirm that we are facing a lifelong PES, as his playability and physics with the ball and the players already border on excellence. The game feels a bit slower and heavier than in the previous episodes, giving more importance to the movement of the ball. In terms of graphics, the game has some flaws, well anticipated by Konami itself. Player modeling is still excellent, although their textures and lighting aren’t on the same level. There is still work to be done. In any case, it’s a good aperitif for fans of the saga who have not received a new opus of this successful saga for two years. On July 27, we will have more news on PES 2022, announced by Konami.

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